Men Be Very Careful ! What you Do that may Cause Erectile Dysfunction
As a man, is your lifestyle getting a bit too chaotic? It may explain why you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. While Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is well-known to be common as men get older, it doesn’t have to be a normal part of ageing. And it is extremely common.... Read more
Childhood Photos of 27 Popular Nigerian Celebrities 2017 (A Must See)
You know when they say ‘money is everything‘, that phrase is not far from the truth. Today we at Hype Nigeria presents to you 27 mind-burgling throwback photographs of your favourite Nigerian celebrities. These goes a long way to tell you that nobody is actually ugly, rather broke. Look... Read more
The Igbo As a Blessing to Nigeria – Reno Omkri
“On the 15th of August 1945, the axis nations fighting in the Pacific theater defeated imperial Japan and two weeks later, Japan formally surrendered to allied forces led by the U.S. General, Douglas McArthur, who formally accepted the signed articles of surrender. But though the U.S. defeated Japan, they... Read more
Men Bum short, a Yes or No Fashion Style?
Men’s Bum short,  Fashion ????? Not up to four months ago whilst in school, somwhere on campus, I was simply searching for a friend in the crowded arena I was and then the next thing my eyes caught up with was this dude (no, not the one on this... Read more
10 Nigerian Musicians who Rocks the Dreadlocks Hairstyle
Trend is apparently the biggest force of influence in the Nigerian entertainment industry today. And it’s more obvious with our music pop culture.  Unlike it was decades ago when those who wore the dreadlocks hairstyle were only Reggae musicians, referred to as Rastas , we are now in the... Read more
Meet Kenechukwu Ezeh the Beautiful Nigerian Female Barber Who does Magic with Clipper (See Photos)
Meet Kenechukwu Stepehenie Ezeh a.k.a Posh the beautiful young Nigerian Model, student, entrepreneur and professional barber (men haircut stylist) who does magic on men’s hair with her clipper.  Rare as it seems, she has already won the hearts of many, especially guys who patronize and rely on her craft to... Read more
Why GTBank Latest 737 Simple Mobile Banking is a Beautiful Nonsense – Uc Artt Ekwueme
If you have a bank account with GTBank, this is a must read for you…. Last Month, Nigerians on social media were tricked by the suspenseful trend “What Is The 737?” popping up, from hashtags to sponsored ads and billboard campaigns. Little did we know that one of Africa’s... Read more
Meet Chijioke Anyacho, The Nigerian Ball Pen Artist With the Blessed Hands
Chijioke Anyacho is a young amazing Nigerian artist, who with the use of an ordinary N20 ball pen ‘biro’ creates extra-ordinary, magnificent & life-like drawings that look pretty much as though they are photographs. An indigenous son of Orlu L.G.A. in Imo state, studies Fine Art in the University of... Read more
2015 Forbes Richest Rappers, Drake, Diddy, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj Tops List
Sean “Diddy” Combs is #1 on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid stars in hip hop, pushing off Jay Z and Drake on the 2015 “Hip Hop Cash Kings” tally, which was revealed on Tuesday. 45 year old Diddy made an estimated $60 million between June 2014 and... Read more
2015 Top 20 Richest Nigerian Musicians, See Their Net Worth
  20. PATORANKING This guy is making name for himself in the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria and it’s not surprising that he made the top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria despite that it has not been quite long since he breaks into the limelight. His hit song... Read more
Kelvin Okafor is a Nigerian British artist who was educated at St Ignatius’ College  in Enfiield and Middlesex University, graduating in Fine Art in 2009. He lives in Tottenham , London.  He draws very lifelike portraits of ordinary people and celebrities using pencil and charcoal. Early pieces included portraits... Read more
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