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Chibosco Comedy
LOL can’t stop laughing. This is so funny,  who can relate to this video hehehehe. Download & Enjoy Chibosco Comedy crew are back with yet another hilarious episode. Titled “Sharp Guy” When you are jejely in the public enjoying yourself and the this short man comes with a bomb threat.... Read more
COMEDY SKIT : Smokey – Chibosco Comedy
Hahahahha this is so hilarious. I bet most of us did this when we were little kids. Download & Enjoy Chibosco Comedy are back with yet another funny comedy skit. Titled “Smokey“. This can be easily captioned “When yanga is jejely sleeping and trouble decides to wake it up.” Lol Watch... Read more
COMEDY SKIT : For Sale – Chibosco Comedy
Heheheheh. ….. This video is so hilarious,  Chibosco Comedy “For Sale” LOL That awkward moment when you go buying stuffs to kill hunger but forgets your wallet at home, you sure know you in big trouble.  You just have to watch this, feel free to Share. Watch , Enjoy &... Read more
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