Following the recent reoccurrence of Xenophobic attack on foreigners living and doing their daily legal businesses in West Pretoria – South Africa, whose victims... “The World’s Laziest Men & Boys are in South Africa” – Nigerian Man, as he Reacts to Xenophobic Attack (A Must Read)

Following the recent reoccurrence of Xenophobic attack on foreigners living and doing their daily legal businesses in West PretoriaSouth Africa, whose victims are largely Nigerians, there have been uproar and massive reactions by Nigerians on social media expressing their disgust to such an inhuman act by South Africans.

Hype Nigeria has exclusively obtained a post by a concerned Nigerian, Chukwuemeka. According to him , South Africa has the laziest men in the world.

Read all he wrote Below.

The World's Laziest Men & Boys are in South Africa" - Nigerian Man, as he Reacts to Xenophobic Attack (A Must Read)

“The world’s laziest men and boys are in South Africa (SA). Tell me, do! – If you have a situation where most of the young boys in a dysfunctional society violently feast on stipends handed out by the government, reject jobs because they think they are bigger than the jobs and walk about doing absolutely nothing, what would be the result?

An idiotic and a most unnecessary attack on foreigners.

Let me explain the stipends I mentioned above so you don’t think they deserve it. In an unwise move – it is because it hasn’t achieved its primary aim – the government of South Africa gives out monthly stipends to pregnant single girls (within an age range) without jobs to prevent them from having abortion since it is legal in the country. This monthly stipends are for the upkeep of mother and child.

But guess what?

South African boys who are very violent in nature and have been very lucky in the sense that the outside world knows nothing about the horrible domestic violence (DV) that goes on in SA… hijacked these gifts from the government. Instead of working and earning legitimate pay, they prefer to impregnate their girlfriends and violently force these ladies to part away with some of the stipends. Some unfortunate ladies have had miscarriages due to the kicks they took in their stomachs from their boyfriends, who won’t work but think foreigners are the reason they are useless and jobless.

Tell me, at any rate, won’t I be stupid to attack the Filipino woman that stands everyday besides Mike Adenuga’s glass house in Maitama because I feel she’s siphoning Nigeria’s common wealth to her country?

I’m taking this personal because affected I’ve been by the senseless acts of these dregs of society. The government of South Africa does nothing while innocent Nigerians and nationals of other African countries are killed and their property looted in day light.

And, to think some South Africans come online to say most Nigerians in SA are into drugs is sickening. I know them – they come online to condemn their brothers but secretly urge them to attack and kill.

An average black South African man is an entitled being. He thinks the society and government owe him. They reject jobs because according to them, the pay is not befitting. But when foreigners take these jobs, they get angry and keep shouting like fools that the foreigners are the reason manufacturers and business owners have refused to increase salaries.
Don’t they have Labour Unions in SA to look into this? Why kill innocent people who work to feed and pay rent?

Even me that has never been to SA have had a taste of these unfriendly violent keypad warriors in SA who never hesitate to call me “Nkwerekwere” (whatever that means) and throw jabs that I have body odour when I try to tell them why xenophobic attacks will never improve their condition. How do they know I have body odour thousands of miles apart, eh?

No doubt, some Nigerians have constituted themselves nuisance in SA – they do have an active role they play, I know, in the increasing drug problems in SA. But it does not call for jungle justice. It doesn’t call for stabbing in the chests of foreigners. It doesn’t call for a grandmum to urge her children and grandchildren to attack and kill the Nkwerekweres. No!

Why do these Nigerians ply their trade with ease? Your government officials are corrupt; and your girls who you always cry for the world to hear that these Nigerians use them as drug moles come online to boast that their Nigerian men buy them cars, houses and plasma TVs – they shield these Nigerians from the law!

Fix your dysfunctional society. Fix it now! Innocent people won’t have to pay with their lives for your idiocy.

* The SA government is losing the war on drugs as it seems. I suggest a new anti-drug enforcement agency made up with reputable men and women be established to fight this menace. Arrest any Nigerian involved in the trade and prosecute accordingly.

* The SA government should have a national orientation program aim at girls who are used as moles. They should know there’s dignity in working and be aware of the danger they expose themselves to.
While at it, the government should do well to educate its citizens on the prominent role Nigeria and other African countries played in the fight against Apartheid. They shouldn’t forget the millions of dollars my country spent for their struggles. It is too soon to forget.

Also, Nigeria’s High Commission in SA should know that their job is to protect Nigerians and speak for them. Strong warnings should be issued to the SA government whenever a Nigerian is attacked. The government of SA owe it a duty to protect every one within its borders. We will not condone these senseless attacks anymore.”

NeeceeBossLady CEO

  • confidence

    February 24, 2017 #1 Author

    Nigerians should try as much as possible to come back home if they say they do not want them
    but we should move mtn service here in Nigeria out and make an arrest if he has braking any law like not renewing is passport that way we can put shame on there face


    • Ella

      February 24, 2017 #2 Author

      Is that supposed to be the solution?? What then happens to South Africans in Nigeria


  • David Ekene

    February 24, 2017 #3 Author

    See, I feel like fucccking up all these SA folks on Facebook, idiats of morons


  • Samuel Okojie

    February 24, 2017 #4 Author

    I blame our crippled government that can’t protect It’s citizens in diaspora. They’d better take proactive measures to stop these


  • The Thinker

    February 24, 2017 #5 Author

    You should keep quite jare, Xenophobic attack on Nigerians by South Africans in South Africa and all he’ll is let loose.

    What about Nigerians killing Nigerians in Nigeria ????? #SouthernKadunaKilling

    How many of una get mouth talk. .. hypocrites mtcewww. Fire burn the wicked


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