Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh‘s husband Olakunle Churchill has finally spoken up about his marriage and the alleged extramarital affair, as he tells his side... “Please Tonto Dikeh fans take it easy on her, she’s still adjusting to Motherhood – Churchill (Read Full Interview)

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikehs husband Olakunle Churchill has finally spoken up about his marriage and the alleged extramarital affair, as he tells his side of the story in an exclusive interview with Toast Media Magazine.

The couple has been going through a rough patch in their marriage due to speculation about him being unfaithful to her. In this interview, he sets the record straight.

"Please Tonto Dikeh fans take it easy on her, she's still adjusting to Motherhood - Churchill (Read Full Interview)

Here are excerpts of the Interview

It was said that after You left home, you were alleged of having affair with your female PA?

Well, it’s funny to me, because I don’t have a female personal assistant, My PA is Mr. Paul, who has been working with me over the years. Besides, it was a sponsored blackmail.

Rumour has that because of domestic violence from you, your wife moved out with your son?

I wonder where they got such gist from? I don’t believe my wife will say that besides I frown against such even my foundation preach against domestic violence in some of our charity awareness campaigns. It is obvious that all these channeled attacks are targeted to drag my image and what I believe into the mud. Well, the truth is that I have never raised my hands against my wife. I have evidence of CCTV Cameras in my mums house when this happened.It can be replayed if you what us to go that far.

The news earlier today posted and deleted by one Uche Maduagwu that you have relationship with Bobrisky and Swanky Jerry? What is your take on that?

Truly, I did not see it posted because am not a social media person, but got wind of it later. It’s sincerely beats my imagination to think of such relationship…well, don’t know Bobrisky but got to know Swanky Jerry through my wife. I believe whoever my wife likes as a friend, I also take as a family friend. Am too busy to think of such unpleasant issues, let alone cooking up defence.


Your son’s first birthday is a few days from now, do you have plans to celebrate it?

Oh! My son, I sure miss him so much. I have planned a worthwhile birthday party for him with friends and family members but it’s sad to say that all effort to reach him proved abortive, and this is affecting my business and emotions, The mum won’t pick calls and the nanny, Our son has been with the mother and not at home for now. I truly, should not be granting this interview if this is all about my family. I’m very optimistic that the family will unite together for King Andre birthday even though channels to reach my wife is temporarily off.

How Do You perceived all these happening in your family?

I see nothing in it, it’s a phase of life. Since it does not affect my cheques and savings. But I truly want to call on bloggers or on social media addicts to verify facts before assuming. Every marriage has good and bad moments, it’s just unfortunate that I recently discovered that the alledged marriage instability is making headlines on some media platforms. Please Tonto Dikeh fans and well wishers take it easy on her, guess she is still adjusting to motherhood. With time, it will be well.

The news had it that your son owns his own company Kindred Realtors, a real estate firm, don’t you think his is too young?

(laugh), the company Kindred Realtor was actually one of my companies before I changed it to our son’s name after his birth. I feel it’s one of his benefit to start building up a brand for him as he grows….


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