Honorable member representing Ezeagu Constituency and the Chairman House Committee on Agriculture – Enugu State House of Assembly, Hon. Chima E. Obieze minutes ago shared... Hon. Chima E Obieze Shares Inspirational Message (A Must  Read)

Honorable member representing Ezeagu Constituency and the Chairman House Committee on AgricultureEnugu State House of Assembly, Hon. Chima E. Obieze minutes ago shared a quite an inspirational message on his Facebook referencing his personal life & lifestyle.

The story of Hon. Barr. Chima is u unarguably that of hope and “anybody can make it“. From a street house to a state house.

I thought sharing this should be a great mind-consumption for all Nigerian youth. Read after the photo below

Hon. Chima E. Obieze

Hon. Chima E. Obieze

“My name is Chima (Emmanuel) Obieze, i choose to be called my native name #Chima (God knows) and my grandfather’s name #Obieze. I am in my early 30s. I was born into the family of Mr & Mrs Benedict & Ijeoma Obieze of Imama, Akama-Oghe in Ezeagu LGA of Enugu State.

I attended a street primary school in Enugu, O’Connor street primary school, thereafter i battled greatly with the challenge of getting a Secondary education. I managed to attend briefly College of Immaculate Conception(just for a few months), then Colliery Comprehensive Sec. School Ngwo, & St. Theresa Secondary school Mmaku. For my University education i attended the prestigious Enugu State University of science & technology.

I didnt have the best childhood experiences. I was born in the streets, raised in the streets, i hustled in the streets, was notured in the streets, i schooled in the streets, have been protected by the streets, i have served in the streets, i am made in & by the streets. I have watched friends die in cold blood. Have seen young men murdered, mobbed, burnt, i have seen destinies lost.

Right now, I am a lawyer by training, a politician by calling, I may not call myself a poet but i write alot of poems once the inspiration comes up, i try to inspire younger generations because my life was also inspired by many above me.

Over time, i have made terrible mistakes, i have been nothing near perfection, i have hurt people (knowingly & unknowingly), i have failed a lot of times, i have not been the best i should be. But in all, i rise when i fall, i brace up when am down, i wipe my tear after i cry & i make sure i never cry for the same reason again. I regret my mistakes. when i can i correct them, when i can’t, i forgive myself.
In my human relations i value positive friendship. I am really not as social as people think i am because though i try to give a listening ear & to be accessible to everybody. I know i have very few friends when i search my heart. For i believe that for anyone to be my friend, the person must earn & qualify for it. Good or Bad company can make or mar you, never allow people buy your closeness with smiles, with laughter, with a bottles of beer, with a pair of shoes or some material gifts. Let them buy it at a very expensive cost like honesty, trust, sincere concern to your affairs, & with a mindset that agrees with yours.

I believe in people. So much. Anyone can become anything. I try never to hold anyone down or look down on people. You can never predict the destiny of the next man. I try to help people stand & when i can’t give any physical help i try to encourage them with words. Life is short, so the best legacy we can leave are not the buildings or investments we leave behind but the impressions we leave in the hearts of men & our impact on people’s lives. I believe in making people become better.

I believe in LOVE almost as much as i believe in God. And i believe a man must love his woman fiercely, guide his offsprings, defend his Country & Honour God without reserve.

I believe in education. Not just that of the classroom. I believe we must make every experience & opportunity educational.
I hate intimidation & injustice, whether to me or to anyone else. But i do accept some bullshits when my temperament allows me. I fight strongly when am in my right and like my 2nd son’s name goes i believe in “onye na eme nke o na eme, ya biko JIDE OFOR”.

I take lightly the words of others about me. Because i do not lie to myself. I know my bad and i know my good. So when people criticise me, if its an area i am bad in my heart i already know & if its an area i’m right sure i know too. But i listen carefully to advice when its given, i also filter them & take the goods that come through.

I do not struggle so much for positions or title i only prepare myself and wait. They come when they will. Just as all my little achievements so far, had come to me “not because i suffer pass, not because i pray & fast, no be osho no be jazz, okwa Chi na enye”.

I hate to disrespect my seniors. Whether by age, experience, positions or authority. I do not consider myself a completely humble person just as i know am not also a complete arrogant soul. But i also do not take it when seniors take advantage of my regard for them. As a public office holder i believe i am a servant of the people but not their SLAVE. I also resist any attempt from anyone to make me one. Beyond my office, at least i deserve some level of self-worth & respect, just like everyone else.

I believe in loyalty. I do not think there has been any master i ever served in my life who will for any reason term me treacherous or rebellious. I believe in reliability. I show appreciation, a little child can help you with something very little, show appreciation, by so doing you encourage him to do more. I believe in confidence. I believe in courage. I believe in personal conviction. I believe, that a treacherous soul is far worse than the heat of fire. I have grown to learn how bad it is to complicate people’s lives with lies & deceit & i have vowed to be real in all my dealings. I have learned to fake no affection & to never accept any love i can’t return. I believe i must never return good with evil.

I believe in family. In blood. I also believe that true friendship is better than a bad blood(brethren). I know my parents deserve my love and its one of greatest fear that any of them leave this life without having enough of it. The thought of losing any of them frightens & scares me but the feeling will be worse if they don’t have enough of me before their time is up. So at eachpoint i think of them, i try to leave an impression in their hearts because that moment may be the last of any of us.

I beleive in cleanliness with good but not expensive fashion. I love music a lot, they spur my emotions and constantly bring out the humanity in me. I love ‘guided’ fun times.

Lastly, i’d like to apologise to anyone i’ve hurt in anyway. I’m only human. My assurances is that each day i strive to become a better person.

You see i tried as much as i can to avoid titles & positions i’ve held in the past and even presently. That is because they are not who i am. I will walk away from all of them someday.

I am #ChimaObieze, and this is #who_i_really_am.”

NeeceeBossLady CEO

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