Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula, known by his stage name as Bez  the ‘super sun‘ singer shares with us 10 things you may not... 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Musician Bez





Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula, known by his stage name as Bez  the ‘super sun‘ singer shares with us 10 things you may not know about him… Check it out below.


1. When I was little, I had no video games or even swings, so my dad’s guitar replaced the video games, and my sister and I would tie the drapes together and use them as swings. Tree climbing was also a great sport. Of course there were always a few lashes after the drapes fell.

2. My first ever girlfriend in my life was in pre-primary 2. Her name was Morenike, we had flirting sessions in class, peek a boo style, did romantic things like sand eating and racing. She always beat me in racing because I was quite healthy ( fat ).

3. I was a local champion in Secondary School. I was in the choir, the soccer team, always had the best javelin throws, made 12 straight As in my Jssce and became head boy the next year. (first set sturves)

4. I lost my dad in 1997 and that changed my life forever. It was the start of experiencing true miracles. My tuition was sorted for the rest of my schooling by an anonymous person. That made me mature 5 times over.

5. I have random topics of interests, from philosophy, human psychology, business, marketing, astrology, stamp collection ( I have over 1000 thousand stamps I’ve collected of different countries)


6. When I was in grade 5, I thought glasses were cool, so I urged for a test and found I was actually short sighted. I didn’t wear them constantly till I got to jss2. That explains the ” funky ” glasses I wear now, can’t do anything about it, sorry.

7. When I cook indomie, it has to look like the one on the pack, always fully garnished. Sometimes it may be over garnished with sausages (they should come take a picture when they’re rebranding :) )

8. One of the major criteria for the Bez woman is that she has to be ENDOWED in the kitchen department, proper culinary skills o! Not talking of kitchen floor moves, heh heh

9. I thrive in solitude, when I’m alone, I can think, practice, read, plan, dream, sleep, without being disturbed… At the same time I love hanging with friends, having drinks, enjoying shows, games, movies and good company.

10. I can never explain my success or even talent, this just goes to show, honestly, that I am a product of divine favor and blessings. I am spiritual and I believe in this with my entire being, and I believe that continues to expand the horizon of my life and career.


Bez Idakulu

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